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Roof Partners Joins the Fun on Gwinnett County Clean Up Day

Reflecting on a day well spent, Roof Partners' Pam Johnson and BOMA Georgia united for a cause that went beyond just cleaning up; it was about fostering community spirit and environmental stewardship. Our joint efforts with the Georgia Piedmont Land Trust and Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources for the Gwinnett County Cleanup Day were not only productive but also incredibly enjoyable.

As we ventured into the wetlands, our mission was clear: to clear the area of litter and debris. The experience was hands-on, and yes, we did get a bit muddy – but that was all part of the fun! It's amazing how working together on service projects also brings people closer.

This event kicks off our new year of activities with BOMA Georgia’s Community Service Committee and CRE CARES, highlighting the power of collaboration. We're proud to have been part of this initiative and are excited for future endeavors.

For more information on CRE CARES and how you can be involved in upcoming events, head over to Together, we're making a difference!

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