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Award winning ROOF PARTNERS is a professional, quality, and service-driven commercial roofing company based in Metro-Atlanta and serves the Southeastern United States. We have the capacity for large and small projects and are the BEST in service! 

Learn more about our community and industry affiliations below.

Roof Partners wins the annual Industry Partner Award at IREM Georgia

From Our President




A strong association is made up of all different types of people. In order to maintain that strength, the membership needs to engage, cultivate and tend to the seed planted by
each member. Elaine Bare, owner of Roof Partners, has been working with BOMA for almost 50 years. She has seen the association grow and change to fit the needs of its membership and provide new resources. She watched the foundation be created and begin to create a support system for the industry.
According to Elaine, this is the best BOMA Georgia has ever been, and it’s the members that keep that momentum going.

“I am in a lot of organizations, but none of them compare to BOMA in terms of engaging both service providers and real estate professionals,” Elaine said.

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