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🏆 Celebrating Our 2024 Pinnacle Award! 🏆

Celebrating Roof Partner LLC's 2024 Pinnacle Award!

Roof Partners LLC Receives 2024 Pinnacle Award
Roof Partners LLC Receives 2024 Pinnacle Award

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve achieved Pinnacle status—the highest level attainable for a Johns Manville Certified Roofing Contractor! 🌟 Only 1% of the Johns Manville contractor base in North America, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean reaches this prestigious milestone.

The Pinnacle status signifies exceptional workmanship, dedication, and quality. Peak Advantage contractors earn membership in the Pinnacle Council through a combination of quality workmanship and annual installed system squares.

But that’s not all! Each project qualifying for a Peak Advantage Guarantee undergoes a final inspection by a Johns Manville technical representative. This meticulous process ensures that our work meets the highest standards. 💯

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Johns Manville for this recognition. Thank you for trusting us with your roofing needs!

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