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Elaine Bare

Owner & President, Roof Partners, LLC

Have you ever thought about how to get the best people to fix your roofing needs right now? Or at least have them on call when roof issues might occur? 


Here’s how.


Look for a commercial roofing company that has 20+ year relationships with property managers and building owners that rely on a roofing company’s, truth, honesty and an uncompromising commitment to the customer. Yes, this is difficult to find in our industry.


But now you’ve found us. Roof Partners.


For more than 40 years, Elaine Bare has been involved in the commercial roofing business. She has built and owned roofing companies, created multiple commercial roofing service operations from the ground up, and is currently the president and owner of Roof Partners, LLC, a certified woman-owned-business.


Elaine has seen it all in commercial roofing, and is a leader among an extremely small number of women who have been key decision makers in the commercial roofing industry.


Elaine started in the roofing business in the 1970’s as a bookkeeper with R. L. Sanders Roofing Company, one of the largest commercial roofing companies in Georgia at the time. She worked in accounting for several other roofing companies for more than eight years, then began developing service departments for commercial roofers when service operations were rare for most roofers at the time.


Elaine says she’s never become bored with commercial roofing. Every day is a new challenge. She has never been afraid to get up on the roof if necessary. Her attitude is always, “whatever it takes to get the job done and get it done right for her customers.” Elaine has created Roof Partners with the philosophy that Roof Partners is, and always will be, a complete partner in developing solutions for our customers’ roof assets. This line of thinking, and commitment to her customers, has led to the decades of relationships with property managers, engineers and building owners that rely on her impeccable reputation in our industry. 


Running roofing businesses has never been just a day job for Elaine. She has been highly involved in the industry through multiple trade associations such as BOMA, IREM, IFMA, NRCA, and RSMCA among others. Elaine has served on more than a dozen BOMA committees and has led efforts in the BOMA Annual Conference, Annual Sports Outing, Membership Drives, the Silent Auction for Hillside Kids, and the BOMA Political Action Committee. There are more than a few former and current BOMA presidents and board members that provide recommendations and testimonials to Elaine’s service, work ethic and the tremendous performance of her companies.


As the owner and president of Roof Partners, Elaine Bare continues to bring out the best in our unmatched level of service, our highly experienced crews, and our commitment to transparency with our customers as their partner in roofing.


Please give Roof Partners a call when you need a true roofing partner.

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